Why has my perimeter foundation cracked or settled and why do I need piers?

The same general idea of the lack of proper compaction of the dirt leads to future settlement. In many cases there was not sufficient rebar (reinforcing steel) or it was installed incorrectly. Amazingly we have encountered many cases where there was no rebar used. Many people assume that because there was a lot of concrete used that it must be strong. Actually the most important factor in concrete is the proper placement of rebar and unfortunately this is usually done incorrectly for the homes built during this period.

Once the concrete is installed the settlement process begin. Additional the loads of the new structure plus all the furniture and personal belongings are applied to a structure that was not done properly and many years later it leads to the need to lift and stabilize the perimeter foundation. Another significant factor involved in this process is the weather, specifically moisture and water management. We will discuss this more in a latter blogs



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Strong foundations mean a longer lifetime of houses or commercial structures. But what if this foundation develops several issues that damage it? Small cracks can make a building, pier, home, or office collapse and cause an accident for you or your crew.