Driveway and Sidewalk Lifting in NE Oklahoma

Signs That Your Driveway Needs Repair

If “yes” is the answer to these questions, raising your driveway with our Concrete Lifting System may save you thousands of dollars in expensive concrete replacement costs.

When your driveway is sinking or uneven, it can create cracks in the concrete. Rain can flow down your sunken driveway and into your foundation through the gaps between the garage and the driveway. This can lead to water leaking into the foundation or your basement. As the soil washes off, there is no longer a strong base for your foundation to rest upon. This eventually leads to driveway damage which requires repairs.
Driveway and Sidewalk Repair in NE Oklahoma​

A One or Two Inch Gap is A Big Deal

Repairing a small 1 or 2-inch gap costs less than repairing a larger gap. If you want to save money, start getting repairs now. Don’t wait. During construction, concrete driveways are poured over soil. If the home’s foundation is at a higher elevation than the driveway, water from rain or melted snow may run off and settle in small pockets of soil that creates a vacuum in the dirt. The vacuum pulls dirt away from the concrete and the void creates a bridge under the driveway. With no support under the bridge, the concrete slab will eventually sink.
When using the Concrete Raising Systems, we guarantee our work for 2 years.

Before and After Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Our Concrete Raising System is designed to fill these spaces with an eco-friendly, Polyurethane foam, raising the concrete in a matter of hours without the mess of mud and the cost of reseeding your lawn and landscaping around your driveway. Most traditional mud jacking takes days, even up to a week to complete. Most times heavy equipment is needed to complete the task, which more often than not, tears up your lawn around your driveway. Our Concrete Raising System is non-invasive, can be done in a small work space and only takes a few hours to accomplish. You can see the driveway leveling with your own eyes!