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Why Choose Trifusion Foundation Repair

Trifusion Foundation Repair is a local, veteran owned company with 30+ years of experience in concrete installation and foundation repair. We specialize in interior foundation liftingstabilization, void filling, soil densification, and sidewalk and/or driveway realignment.
Our company has transformed over the years from starting with small residential work to building multi-million dollar hotels all over the United States.

About Us

In 2010, the president of Trifusion Foundation Repair, Mike Vanderlind, decided to put his hotel construction business that operated for nearly 20 years on hold to move back to his hometown of Tulsa to be near his family and raise his son, Austin. During this time he renovated homes and did small jobs for family friends.
Along with Mike, in 2010, the VP of Trifusion, Bobby Bezinque, decided to move back home to Tulsa, after spending almost 6 years in the Middle East, to be close to his family and raise his son, Braxton. Bobby worked for the Air Force as a C4 Systems Project Engineer, and then contracted with General Dynamics as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer in charge of communication plants for three key military installations. Bobby currently works for the Air Force as a C4 Systems Project Engineer here in Tulsa. He is also a 3rd generation Eagle Scout and is enlisted in the military.

Mike and Bobby dedicate their off time to coaching baseball and donating their time to lead a cub-scout den at Faith United Methodist in Tulsa.

We stand by our products and we will serve you as we serve our family, communities, and our country. Thank you!