Are all cracks related to foundation problems?

The answer is no. Vertical wall cracks are often related more to bad construction techniques than foundation movement. A vertical crack is usually a natural seam in the drywall that was not installed properly and has experienced small movement related to poor construction techniques. The proper remedy for this situation is to use 1 ¾” drywall screws to better stabilize the seam. Install the screws at an angle to better penetrate the wood stud which will stabilize the joint and allow for a repair that will last.

Diagonal wall cracks are a totally different matter. A diagonal crack is caused when the foundation has moved. One section has shifted more that another and the diagonal crack represents the distortion caused by this process. This situation often occurs at a door and likely the door is also misaligned and will not close properly. If this occurs at an exterior door the remedy will likely be to install piers under the exterior wall. If this occurs in an interior wall, the remedy will be to inject a high pressure polymer under the floor slab to lift and stabilize the floor slab. If this situation occurs in a home with a crawl space the remedy will be to provide additional supports in the crawl space of the home



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Strong foundations mean a longer lifetime of houses or commercial structures. But what if this foundation develops several issues that damage it? Small cracks can make a building, pier, home, or office collapse and cause an accident for you or your crew.